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thesis, dissertation, essay
Theses, dissertations, articles, books

I delete any unnecessary repetition,
fix your grammar, and help make
your writing fluid and professional.

theses, dissertations, essays
Those finicky citations, references and footnotes


I check that your in-text notes, and your bibliography, follow your school's preferred style.

editor for a thesis editing
Tables, charts
and diagrams

I format all your figures and graphs, so they're laid out in the most
reader-friendly way.

thesis, dissertation, essay
More message,
less wordage


​I  streamline your writing, eliminate any redundancy, and make your text tighter and easier to read.

editor for a dissertation editing
Is English not your
first language?

​I make sure that your text says exactly what you mean it to say,
and that your phrasing is correct.

The Fine Print

From gentle tweaks to major rewrites, I'm happy to do whatever your document needs.


  • Correct any obvious errors in grammar, spelling or punctuation.

  • Check end-of-line word divisions for bad breaks; check page ends for widows and orphans, etc.

  • Check accuracy of elements such as headings, table of contents, cross-references, captions, etc.

  • Check accuracy of numbers, tables, figures, etc.


Copy Editing

  • Correct all errors or infelicities of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other mechanics of style, including similar-sounding or commonly confused words, and wrongly used idioms or phrases.

  • Query any inconsistencies in logic or facts, or in spelling of proper names.

  • Query any missing text elements, such as captions, headings, URLs, sources, etc.

  • Check for consistency in terms of abbreviations, measurements, Canadian/American spelling, etc.

  • Check for consistency in treatment of numbers, statistics, percentages, imperial/metric conversions, totals in tables, etc.


Stylistic Editing

  • Eliminate all redundancies, empty phrases and unnecessary modifiers.

  • Replace the passive voice with the active voice.

  • “Activate” language by replacing nouns with verbs.

  • Break up long or complicated sentences into shorter, simpler ones.

  • Translate jargon into understandable terms.

  • Rewrite to resolve any ambiguities, ensure logical connections, and clarify meaning.

  • Ensure that transitions between sentences and paragraphs are smooth and logical.

  • Reorder sentences to ensure that paragraphs have a clear focus.

  • Make sure that the language is appropriate for the intended audience.

  • Check that tone, style, and authorial voice are consistent.

  • Make un-parallel constructions parallel (especially in lists).


Structural Editing

  • Reorganize material to give a coherent structure and sequence, a logical progression of ideas, and a narrative or expository flow.

  • Cut repetitive or superfluous material, and expand other material to fill gaps in content or strengthen transitions.

  • Recast material that would be better presented in another form, such as number-laden text as a table, descriptive material as a diagram, a long series of points as a list, a lengthy digression as a footnote or an appendix, etc.

  • Create a list of acronyms used in the document.

Layout & Formatting

  • Check for typographical and formatting errors.

  • Check that design is consistent in terms of items such as font size and style, line length and spacing, alignment of page elements, hyperlinks, etc.

  • Ensure that all tables, photos, and other visual elements effectively convey the intended meaning.

Charts & Tables

  • Make sure that layout, formatting, styles, fonts and spacing are consistent in all tables.

  • Increase the padding of table cells, if necessary, to make them easier to read.

  • If tables contain numbers, check them for accuracy.



  • Make sure that your preferred style – APA, MLA, Chicago, Oxford, Harvard, ASA, etc. – is
    followed consistently in all your citations, footnotes, references, and bibliography.

  • Flag any discrepancies in spelling, names, dates, places, factual accuracy, etc.

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