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What they're saying about me

My new clients are always surprised and delighted by how good their text looks when I'm done with it. The old clients are just very happy, as always. This is what some of them think about my work on their documents.

“Thank you for such splendid work, Antonia.

You made a huge difference to my dissertation!”


Duangsuda Sopchokchai, Department of Economics, University of Ottawa


Essays in Health and Income Dynamics

“I’m very impressed by the quality of your work, Antonia.
It’s been a real pleasure doing business with you; and I’ll

definitely contact you for my next book project.”


Jean-François Savard, École nationale d’administration, Université du Québec


Canada’s Regulatory Framework for Sports Betting: A Fragmented Reality

“Antonia, thank you! Both papers are way better than I had expected. I've found a great editor. Your editing is as billed: so clear.”


Kate Ruff, Sprott School of Business, Carleton University

"Valuation in a Hybrid Organization" and "Three Approaches to Materiality"

“You did an excellent job: flow and clarity are fully achieved.”


Chrys Azozama, School of Project Management, Algonquin College

"Project Management: Solving Cost Overruns in the Construction Industry"
and "The Low-Bid Fallacy in the Construction Industry"

“Wonderful, Antonia—I'm happy with the questions you ask, and the comments you make. This is exactly what I need!”


Diana Simkhovych, Sociological and Anthropological Studies, University of Ottawa


"Rethinking Ethnicity in a Multicultural Context: Perspective from the Courts of Canada"

“Major thanks for including the new section! I don’t know how
I missed that point. This edit was great, esp. on such short notice."

Mohamed Abdullahi, English Department, York University


"Coleridge’s 'Rime of the Ancient Mariner': Evil and Redemption"

“Antonia, thank you so much—
I’m very impressed with your editing work.”

Sara Olsen, CEO, SVT Group (2018)

“Post-Report Analysis: Impact Measurement Needs Evaluators”


“Thanks for bringing your editing superpowers to my article again!
You always do an excellent job of snipping out the blah-blah,
and getting to the heart of things.”


Andrea Charise, Department of Health Studies, University of Toronto Scarborough

“Aging, Population, and the Nineteenth-Century Literary Imagination”
and “Resemblance, Diversity, and Making Age Studies Matter”

“Antonia, the paper looks great now, 1000x better.
I've appreciated all your spirited and attentive interventions!”

Allison Crawford, English Department, University of Toronto

“Where Sickness Comes From: Reading and Unsettling Medicine in the Canadian Arctic”

“Excellent work, Antonia, thanks for being so diligent with my paper.
Just like always, you did a great job.”


Abdoulaye Gueye, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ottawa


"The Changing Face of a Black Demographic: Number, Rootedness, and Education"
and "Creating Black Identity in Colour-Blind France in the 21st Century"

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