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I make your text
scholarly, yet readable  

editor Antonia Morton dissertation thesis

Editor Antonia Morton

For 30+ years, I’ve edited material on a diverse range of academic subjects — mostly in the arts and humanities, with a few forays into the "soft" sciences. As an intelligent generalist, I have yet to meet the text I can’t persuade to sound clearer and more reader-friendly.

I add style, clarity and accuracy to your:

    thesis  *—  dissertation  *—  essay  *  paper  *  journal article  * book manuscript 
Letter of Intent  *—  Statement of Purpose  *  website or blog  —*  grant application    speech or script  *—  CV or résumé *  citations, references, bibliography.

My specialty: helping you to repurpose papers for popular publication — rephrasing stiff and formal “academic” text to make it more concise and approachable.

I’ve worked on a wide variety of topics. My editing portfolio includes papers, articles and books on literature, history, psychology, sociology, anthropology, linguistics, economics, nursing, politics, military spending, self-help, international economic development, computer learning, architecture, Excel spreadsheets, project management, linguistics, financial management, wine-making, home design, and many, many more subjects.

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